You want to buy a merchandise but don’t have the necessary cash on hand? The High Street has a solution for you. We accept layaway payment.

We have included below our layaway terms and conditions for your review!


Layaway Period

Orders may be placed on layaway for a maximum period of 90 days. Customers have the option of paying the layaway order balance in full at any time prior to the completion of the 90-day layaway period. Items will only be delivered after paying the full amount.

Payment Terms

Orders placed on layaway require at least 25% down payment and shipping charges for the order (meet up is possible for Dubai residents).


Items amounting to AED300 or more may qualify for the layaway program.

Allowed Forms of Payment

Bank transfer or Paypal.


No discounts for layaway.


If you decide you don’t want the merchandise after you’ve made some or all the payments, before the 90 day layaway period, can you get a refund? There will be a non refundable 15% service charge from the 25% down payment and the rest of your money will be given back to you. Layaway deposit, payments and related charges is non-transferable.


Returns or exchanges are not accepted on layaway orders. We therefore advise all our clients to please be sure you review the item description and photos thoroughly before making a purchase.


Any layaway balance not paid upon expiration of the 90-day layaway period will result in the cancellation of your order and forfeiture of your deposit, payments and related charges.

Get your DREAM bag by making payment installments at your own pace! Now let’s get shopping!